The Studio

We are lovers of beauty + a collaborative collection of professionals in the industry.

Our studio is carefully curated; from artists, studio decor and retail items to provide you with a uniquely beautiful experience.


Dalaga Artists



Dalaga Studio Owner, Makeup, Lash + Henna Brow Artist

bridal specialist - classic lashes - henna brow

Tattoo loving, modern bohème styling, urban-city-hippie living, makeup/lash artist, wife & mother to three wildflowers + one fur baby.
"My artist work is most commonly known for keeping my clients true to their beauty. A natural glam is always my go-to makeup look, but I love to get creative with an array of looks for clients. I've been fortunate to have my work featured on top online blogs such as Joy Wed, June Bug, Brides, Rock & Roll Bride, & WhiteMag."

xo, LJ



Dalaga Studio Owner, Makeup + Lash Artist

classic - hybrid - volume - mega volume lashes

Fashion loving, spin fanatic, foodie, makeup/lash/brow artist, wife & mama of two fur babies.
"My passion for makeup was discovered early on growing up in South Korea, where fashion and beauty trends are constantly changing and evolving daily.
Makeup artistry is just one facet of my skill set. I also have multiple certifications for eyelash extensions and eyebrow microblading.
I love how my work allows my clients feel more beautiful, confident and empowered."

xo, Julie


Eun Ju aka Hailey

Dalaga Studio Artist

classic - hybrid - volume lashes

Cross-stitch loving, bead craft making, travelling + lover of learning new things lash artist.

"My love for the art of lashing is reflected beautifully in my work. I've been trained both in Korea and Australia in classic, hybrid and volume lashes and am excited to offer and clean and comfortable lash experience for all my current and future clients."

xo, EunJu

Resident Artists


We love to home amazing independent artists running their own business and just looking for a beautiful space to do so.

If you are interested in renting space from us, send us an email!

Once was a hip hop, tap, contemporary + ballet dancer (mostly hip hop)… And now  a jiu jitsu lovin’ esthetician + 3x certified lash artist.

"I want all my clients to feel comfortable and relaxed throughout the process. I hope my attention to detail helps their inner beauty and self confidence shine out."

xo, Gillian