About Us

Our Story

Inspired by the Philippine word “Dalaga,” meaning “a young woman” or “a youthful, spirited person,” Dalaga Beauty Studio opened its doors in Vancouver, British Columbia, in July 2019. Our mission is to create an inclusive space for individuals seeking self-care through eyelash, eyebrow, and facial treatments. We provide an elegant, fun, and casual environment where people feel comfortable discovering the best treatments for them.

At Dalaga, we strive to break the stigma surrounding beauty treatments and the notion that they are reserved for specific looks and social statuses. Instead, we promote treatments as a source of joy, relaxation, and personal upliftment, fostering an environment that encourages self-care and healing mentally, emotionally, and physically.

Through our commitment to artist training and personal development, we envision a future where self-care is accessible to everyone in Vancouver at any stage in life. By partnering with like-minded local businesses and corporations, we hope to support those needing a moment of calm and relaxation.

At Dalaga Beauty Studio, we believe in empowering our clients through exceptional lash, brow, and facial services, simplifying self-care, and boosting confidence to tackle busy days. Our focus on sustainability and support for local brands reflects our dedication to being an inclusive beauty studio in Vancouver.

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Our Vision

Our vision is to create an inclusive community that provides accessible self-care to people at all stages of life. We believe that through the success of Dalaga, we can offer moments of calm and relaxation to those who need it most.

Our Mission

Dalaga’s mission is to provide high-quality, inclusive self-care services in Vancouver. We prioritize promoting mindful and healthier-paced treatments for long-term care, while investing in the growth of our artists to ensure our values are upheld. As a globally recognized self-care brand, we prioritize inner wellness and strive to make our services accessible to everyone, regardless of their stage in life.

Our Values

Kindness (Heart)

  • Our core value. It’s the beauty that shines from within.

Empathy (Soul)

  • Our why factor. It’s the feeling we have when caring for clients.

Optimism (Mind)

  • Our North Star. It’s what guides our actions toward our goals.

Inclusivity (Body)

  • Our foundation. It’s how we live in harmony without community.

Accountability (Strength)

  • Our team. It’s who you know will be there, cheering you to success.